Welcome to my korner of the world, with big bay windows. I like to let the sun shine in and warm me, so that I can be inspired. With that inspiration of warmth, I can create a better me, and hopefully touch other lives for the better. And together perhaps we can piece together a better, more positive world.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My wonderful son turned 15 over the weekend. He is my baby, and always will be.  I have two wonderful daughters as well.  They are all wonderful children and have brought me such joy.  They each came having their own lessons to teach me how to be a better parent.  I wouldn't change that for the world!  And they all have this amazing ability to warm my heart every day.  All I have to do is open my eyes to see it.

The weather is finally warming up, for which I am so very grateful!  Cold and I do not get along well. The hyacinths are blooming, and the tulips are up & out of the ground, and should be blooming in the next couple of weeks.  It is so wonderful to see the new growth  and know that warmth is coming soon. In fact, it may be down right HOT before too long.

So my question today is what brings warmth and joy to your heart? Do you have to dig deep to find it, or is it right there to grab onto?  Do you need to do some spring cleaning to find it, dust maybe, or vacuum?  We all have that spot where we hold those precious memories or ideas of what gives/brings happiness and joy.  Sometimes I have to dig deep, and hold on with both hands once I find it. Other times all I have to do is be present in the moment to see the joy right in front of me, to feel the warmth of love from my husband, my children, my parents, and my friends, even strangers can warm my heart with just a smile.  I have also found that "playing make-believe" can bring joy - and sometimes you have to fake it in order to find it again.  So do yourself a big favor today, find what warms you through and through, and then go spread it to the rest of the world - one person at a time. 

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