Welcome to my korner of the world, with big bay windows. I like to let the sun shine in and warm me, so that I can be inspired. With that inspiration of warmth, I can create a better me, and hopefully touch other lives for the better. And together perhaps we can piece together a better, more positive world.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Perfectly Imperfect

Well, I failed miserably at writing every week, even every month, however, I refuse to let it get to me.  I often fall short of my goals, and yet, I find myself striving to reach them anyway. Who doesn't have this problem, at least occasionally?? 

I have worked hard on my life since January, and I completed my shawl I started in January. It was my year long goal, and yet I finished it July 2, 2012.  I was amazed at how easy it was, and yet how difficult it was at the same time.  I would complete a row, be thrilled, start the next, and realize that there were mistakes that could not be overlooked.  So, sadly, I would rip out the two rows, and redo them.  If only life were as easy to rip back to the mistakes, and start over so it doesn't cause grief.  There were well over 700 stitches in these rows, so it wasn't as if it was easy to see the work just disappear, and feel like a complete failure, or just plain stupid.  There were two different rows that I had to rip out 3 times to make it right.  

It is a beautiful shawl, and it will remind me that I have to watch my words, and my actions, so as to make sure that life is beautiful for myself, as well as those whose lives I touch.  It will also remind me that there are times I have to "tink" back, correct a mistake to the best of my ability , and move forward from there.  I have finally realized that it is alright to make poor choices or make errors, or better said: leave a wrong stitch in the fabric of life.  It helps define me.  I am not perfect, nor is my shawl, but I am always, and wonderfully, perfectly imperfect ME

 I am quite please with the way my shawl turned out, even with the mistakes.  Those mistakes reflect life, and are my signature to my piece of work. I will be wearing this with a new dress in October, when I go see The Lion King play.  

This shawl is the Cassandra Shawl by Lily Go.  And I made my shawl with Filigran lace yarn that was shades of purple.  Here are a few pictures of my masterpiece, and I do consider this my first crocheted masterpiece. The first picture is the 4 starting rows, the 2nd is the best picture I have of the entire shawl at this time, and the last shows better coloring and detailed work.

Thank you for taking the time to come and read my blog.