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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Crazy, Wild, Love Story

Odd things happen in my life.  I have some very strange stories to tell.  The best story I have is of how I met my husband and how we know we are meant to be together!

In 2005 I decided it was time for my life to have some major changes. It certainly was not easy, but it was a must for my sanity.  I will skip over all the yuck part here, but I do need to say that I was married, and needed to get out of it. I left him, and went through several months of angst,  changes, and divorce. All for what made me a much stronger person.

In July of 2006, I signed up on MySpace.  I received emails from several people, but one caught me a bit off guard with the simplicity of his email. We started emailing back and forth, and one of my first questions was where in our small town did he live. I made an off-hand comment of "watch, I can see your house from mine".  When he told me where he lived, I truly could see his roof from my kitchen window. 

We finally decided to meet in person, and the night before we were to meet, he called me from the hospital. He had been in a motorcycle accident, bike was totaled, his right leg injured, and we wouldn't be able to meet.  We met on Tuesday, July 25th.  We realized then that we had passed each other in the local grocery store and smiled at each other. (I remember it vividly! Thought I could get used to that smile every day!)

He helped me move a couple weeks later.  Twelve days after I moved into my new place, I was at work, and about 1:40 pm on August 24th, a Ford SUV came crashing through the front window of my work. I was pinned between the desk and the metal shelving unit behind me. I was flown to the local trauma hospital, as I couldn't move my leg.  This wonderful man I had met just a month before, came to the hospital.  He took me to his home, as I had a hairline fracture in my hip.  He took such good care of me.  It was at this point I knew he was a keeper!!!!

Ready for the crazy part of the story?  One week after my accident, mind you it was 32 days after his accident, there was a story in the local paper. That is when we realized it was the same woman who hit us both! In the same Ford SUV.  The accidents were 3 1/2 miles apart,  on bright sunshiny days. She got his right leg, and my left.  We both have injuries that will be with us our entire lives from the accidents.

The best part of this story is that fact is definitely stranger than fiction.  No one believes it really happened that way, but we have the police reports to prove it.  Our love is strong, and we are so perfect for one another.  He supports me in so many ways, and I know that he appreciates the love I have for him.  Our love has been crafted together beyond what either of us could have believed.


  1. oh yeah, the true stories are crazier than the fiction that is for sure! ya know....my hubby and i met exactly 3 years (to the day) before benny was born. so we celebrate our dating anniversary and our sons bday on the same day!

    nice love story!

  2. Yours is a very sweet love story, Carly. It made me feel happy to read it! I hope you and your dear husband have many, many happy years together.


  3. Wow that is a crazy story! Glad that you both made out of each accident.